Book Reviews

Title: Bad News Travels Fast
Author: Gar Anthony Haywood
Started:  12/11/2011
Finished: 12/14/2011
Rating: 3 Stars
Review: This book was actually sort of funny.  It was complete nonsense and a very fast read, but not that surprising in the end.  For a murder mystery, it was very NCIS as opposed to Lost, if you know what I mean.  The outcome was extremely easy to predict.  But like I said, it's a funny book.  The characters are well developed, and I would probably read another book from this series, so it must have been ok.


Title: Gridlinked
Author: Neal Asher
Started:  12/15/2011
Finished: 1/4/2012
Rating: 2 Stars
Review: This book is ridiculous.  It was okay, as far as books about psychopath futuristic terrorism and homicidal robots go.  But really, it all fell apart at the end.  There was something about a huge 4km-wide alien named dragon that was just spheres of flesh... I didn´t have the imagination for this book.  Asher really dropped the ball in wrapping it up in a satisfactory way.  While it was interesting, it was also extremely complicated.  Meh, no thanks Neal Asher.

Title: FlashForward
Author: Robert Sawyer
Started:  1/4/2012
Finished: 1/5/2012
Rating: 2 Stars
Review: I gotta get off the SyFy!  These books are not quality like SyFy original movies such as Megashark vs. Giant Octopus, or Dinocroc... I don´t get time travel and never will.  This book grappled with some pretty complex philosophical ideas, but overall it was just lame.  I´m glad they changed it for the TV adaptation a couple of years ago... but then that show flopped.  It´s like scifi writers write themselves into a corner and have to compromise for an ending.  I don´t know... gotta get to real life books again or something.  Maybe pirates?


Title: Alter of Eden
Author: James Rollins
Started:  1/6/2012
Finished: 1/8/2012
Rating: 3 Stars
Review: Didnt I say I had to get off the scifi?  This book was about a giant sabretoothed tiger and man/apes attacking people in the South.  It was like a syfy original movie... It was better than the others because there was no time travel,  but man... not a huge fan.


Title: Mostly Harmless

Author: James Rollins

Started:  1/11/2012
Finished: 1/18/2012
Rating: 1 Star
Review: I dont know why I read this.  I did not like the original Hitchhiker books, so I am not sure why I thought I would like this one.  I`m not sure how this guy even managed to get an agent.  It is full of randomness, which I guess is the Hitch Hiker series, but still... not quality, and the ending was ridiculous.  I wen to the PC library yesterday and got myself some legal fiction... moving back into the world of quality story-telling and decent plots.  No more scifi for a while!


Title: The Brass Verdict
Author: Michael Connelly
Started:  1/23/2012
Finished: 1/26/2012
Rating: 5 Stars
Review: Finally! A genre that I understand!  This is definitely more my speed.  I can now see why my dad has been raving about Michael Connelly for so long.  I will definitely be checking out more from him!  It has a good story, great pacing, and in general I read it too fast. =D

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