Friday, September 27, 2013


Hey guys!  I decided that it would be smart to put all of the "Remembering My Peace Corps Service" episodes in one spot, so if you look at the tabs along the top of the page, there is a new tab for the series (or click this link here).  All of the videos will be posted there from now on.  Sometimes I feel like this site gets too cluttered.

I decided to start filming on a regular basis because as my service comes to a close, I have a lot of balls in the air and I really want to have visual documentation of where I lived and what I was doing.  Plus, it's fun and I really enjoy it as a hobby.

The next few weeks for me are really starting to pick up speed.  This weekend I have a VAC meeting in Paraguari, then next week I have a mixer where I will meet the trainee that I've been corresponding with over the last few weeks, then after that I am going to be doing a training for the new group of agriculture volunteers on how to build a bamboo fence, use a machete safely, etc.  With my luck I'll probably chop a toe off during my session, haha. 

I'm really starting to weigh the options on some major life decisions.  When I got here, I knew that I had two full years to think about what I want to do when I get back to the United States, and now I have about two months... it's all starting to get real. 

From now on, blogs may be coming more often in video form.  I feel like people are probably more likely to watch a 3-4 minute video than read a novel that I post here, but we'll see.

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