Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vacation Blog 2! Sort of...

Guys, I'm such a failure.  I keep letting life get in the way of this blog.  That's so not okay, because life is about blogging.  Ok not really.  It's good that I'm getting out there and doing things.

Guess where I am?  IN MICHIGAN!  That's right, the little location thingie for this post reads "Lansing, MI!"  This means that I have super-fast internet and I finally got all my videos from my parents' visit uploaded to youtube.  Here they are:

I'll write more about the experiences later.... once I get back to Paraguay.  Until then, feast on this:

I got a white Christmas afterall! :D  I head back to Paraguay in a few days, so I'll be sure to post some stuff about all my trips.  And I have some new exciting stuff planned for 2013!!  Have a happy New Year and I'll be back once I arrive in South America.

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