Thursday, October 18, 2012

We have sprung forward... into october?

Alrighty.  Life is obviously moving really fast, because otherwise I would have nothing to do other than update this blog.

This last week, we had volunteer visits, which is insane because it feels like not that long ago I was visiting Jonathan over in Recta.  Remember this post?  That was a YEAR ago!  WHAT.  Anyways, I had a G40 aspirante named Nick come down to San Jose Boqueron and spend the week with me.  He was cool to hang out with and basically game for anything, so we made a new compost pile, visited with my contact, took a look at my demo-plot, and discussed a lot about what living the life of a volunteer is like.

Its crazy because so many of the questions he asked are the same ones that had me so concerned back when I was an aspirante.  He is way more go-with-the-flow than I ever was, and I think he is going to be a great volunteer.  So much of getting through training is all about attitude and whether you can stay positive.  He doesn`t seem to have a problem with that, so he will be fine.

We also got to go to a comitè meeting and climb the cerro, which I have been waiting almost a full year to do.  It was pretty incredible!  It also reminded me that, while I walk like 20 miles a week, I am still not conditioned for heavy exercise.  The climb was pretty intense!
Rolando, Guillermo, me, and Nick on the cerro.
I have been spending quite a lot of time with Rolando and Guillermo lately.  Things are always a bit goofy when they are around.  They love the word "thump" for some reason, and love the fact that I can`t say "pya`hu" which means "new" in Guarani or "todos" which ends up coming out like "toros."  I guess I can`t roll my rs as well as I thought.
Me with Guillermo (11) and Rolando (15)
I also had a few friends come out to my site for a couple of days before Nick arrived.  Even my community thought they were crazy.  All I have been hearing from my my host-bros is "Mario... crazy.  Lydia... crazy."  Haha.  Its funny cuz its true.
Johnny, la genta estan muy loca...
Overall its been a crazy month, and its about to get crazier as we move closer to Christmas!  I cannot wait to get home to see everyone, but honestly, I really just want to chow down majorly on some Jets Pizza and guzzle starbucks like its my life juice... but you know, being around family is a good thing too! =D

I have some video I really need to get edited and posted.  Oh, and FYI, one project I have been working on is this abonos verdes (green manures) blog, so feel free to check it out at  I still have a ton of work to do on it, but Im getting their.  Alrighty, more to come soon -- I promise!

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