Friday, July 27, 2012

I´m powerless...

Life in the campo without power can be a bit boring at times.  Nights are brutal because it gets dark here at like 6pm.  Lucky for me I have a headlamp that works and a few books to go through!  I´m currently flashing back to 7th grade and reading Ender´s Game.  Good stuff.  I came into Ybycui today to do some grocery shopping, and I am hoping the lights will be back on when I get home.

Anyways, next week is the beginning of the month, which means MORE SALDO!  Right now I don´t have enough to upload my youtube videos, so right now you´ll just have to settle for photos.

 I did some exploring around Boqueron, taking roads I hadn´t walked down before and heading out to the kokues.  I also have a video about a home-made abono foliar (liquid fertilizer) for my garden.  So hopefully those will be up in a week or so.

Last week we had our Christmas in July party in Asuncion.  It was a great time, until I ended up in the hospital due to vertigo.  Glad that´s over.  But I DID get the much-needed measuring cups I had been wanting, so that will make my Sunday pancake making much easier.

Sorry this is kind of a lame blog.  I´ll have more to share next week, and if I have saldo I can type it on my own computer instead of this messed up keyboard in the Internet Cyber.  Speaking of that, does anyone know how to get a colon on these spanish keyboards? It´s like they never write out the time here... I´m always forced to round up to the nearest hour, which isn´t accurate at all.

Have a great weekend, and I´ll do more next week!

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Christie said...

We have pancake Saturday... just enjoyed a batch! And Ken also has a hat-clip lantern for night reading. :) But I've never mastered the Spanish keyboards. Using one sure turns a 5-minute post into a half-hour chore! Fuerza, amigo! (Love the pix of the scenery.)