Sunday, June 3, 2012

Permaculture, my birthday, and some salmon.

Hi friends!  It's already June!  A lot has happened since my last blog post, but I ran out of saldo earlier this month and due to some traveling I didn't have a chance to spend time in Ybycui to write a blog post.  But with the new month comes a new load of saldo.  Huzzah!

A couple of weeks ago I took one of my friends from site with me to a permaculture workshop in Villarrica.  It was a great day of learning about climate change in Paraguay and its potential impact on agricultural systems.  My friend, who is going to be helping with my demoplot starting this week, is very excited about all of the things he learned.  I'm hoping that we will be able to work together to use this demoplot to show my community examples of conservation practices like mulching, cover crops, crop rotation, and companion plantings. 

I'm really excited to get  back into the agricultural side of my work.  I got so used to talking about all of these conservation practices with farmers when I worked for USDA-NRCS, and it's crazy to me that the only real agricultural work I've done in the last 8 months (!!!!) is put together my garden, which sadly is pretty hideous right now.  The soil is in desperate need of some help, so I'm not sure how much produce I'm going to get from it this time around.  Maybe with some heavy composting and mulching I'll get my seedbeds to something more productive.

I've been in Asuncion since Thursday.  I came in to discuss my plan of work with my program director and to get some worms for my worm box.  I also turned 26 last Wednesday, so I've spent kind of a long weekend celebrating with my friends.  Last night we went to a really spiffy Spanish restaurant and I ordered some salmon.  It was expensive, but totally worth it!  I also got to take my jeans to a lavaderia and have them washed and dried (with a clothes dryer!!!), which was incredible.  Campo-clean is definitely not washing machine-clean, so it's definitely a treat to get my clothes actually clean for once, haha.

This coming week I'll be working on my demoplot.  I don't really have much else planned, but things pop up out of no where pretty often, so you never know what else could happen.  Have a great week!

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Manuel said...

There is a sweet lavenderia by the office that does a pretty sizable canasta (all you can fit in there) for only 20 mil. LOVE IT!