Wednesday, May 9, 2012

VAC Meetings, Empanadas, and #dbhp

I amazingly got a few votes for my double-fried, super-oily fried rice empenadas.  Gosh, what a mess.  I really need to invest in an Empanada Press.  I made a total mess of my house last night attempting to make these things...  But the contest was fun.  We also had some apple and cinnamon, southwest, carne, and pizza empanadas for sampling.  As a fan of empanadas, I was definitely a happy dude around lunch time.

After discussing some important business and playing some games, a few of us that were staying the night walked over to a park on top of a hill in Paraguari.  Good times were had.

Anne, Molly, Bridgette, Dave, and I at the top of the cerro in Paraguari
After the walk we went to get pizza then headed back to Molly's apartment to play some games and hang out.  It's always fun to get together with other volunteers (especially from other sectors) and find out what kind of work they're doing in their sites.  Everyone's site is so different!

It was a nice quick break from being in site.  But tomorrow I head back, and I have a lot of work to do!  Water to install, a garden to water (my peas and garlic are popping up!), and some chipa to make this weekend with Na Venancia.  I may be going to Asuncion next week to drop off some library books, get some worms for my worm box, and pick up a cat from my original host-family in Guarambare.  It's time for me to annihilate these rats for good!

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