Monday, April 9, 2012

Building a huerta

My updates are getting too few and far between for my liking.  Over the past few weeks, my life has been completely dominated by this stupid fence project, and I am SOOOO glad it's over.  Building the fence led to a lot of dirt and sweat, which then led to a lot of laundry, which takes like a full day to do... So fence + laundry + Semana Santa = no time to write, and nothing interesting to write about.

But now the fence is done, I'm mostly caught up on my laundry, and Easter is over so... Here I am!

Fence building can be fun.  It's also frustrating depending on your level of expertise with wire work.  I'm awful.  Like for real--I need a class.  I have no idea how to tie things off.  Basically you have to saw your bamboo to a predetermined size.  For my fence, I chose roughly 54 inches.  After sawing to length, the bamboo needs to be quartered by using a machete and a hammer.  Luckily, I didn't chop off any limbs or toes.  After that, they need to be wired to a support that has already been attached to the corner posts... My fingers are all sliced up because of the stupid wire, haha.

A schematic of how I laid out my garden.  Each square is 1 square foot.
Now I'm double-digging seedbeds.  It's not so bad if the sun is hidden behind the clouds, but it has been HUMID.  I've done two, and I have three more to finish.  I bought seeds for carrots, green onions, red onions, green pepper, swiss chard, cilantro, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, etc.  I'm looking forward to diversifying my diet a bit more.  I've been eating a lot of rice, vegetable soup, and eggs.  I'm hoping to buy a cooler today while I'm in town so that I can start buying meat.

The next couple of weeks I will be diving into my community needs assessment.  I'll be interviewing community members and drafting up a report.  It should keep me busy until my "Re-Connect" training at the end of April.  All of G37 will be heading back to the training center in Guarambare for a refresher training in language and some other things.  It will be so much fun to see everyone!!

Easter here was surprisingly uneventful.  Lots of Chipa, lots of family came to my community, but in general not that different from a normal day in San Jose Boqueron.  Hope all is well at home!  I'll try to upload a more personal blog soon.


Dayna said...

Strong work! It'll be exciting to see what your seedlings look like months from now. On to the water eh?...

Dayna said...
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