Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ahendu, Reconnect, and other nonsense

Woah.  It´s been so weird being out of site for this long.  It´s been almost a week since I´ve slept in my bed, terere-ed on my porch, or made french fries for dinner.  I actually miss my house, haha.

I arrived in Asuncion on Thursday afternoon.  Friday morning we had a meeting for the Seed Bank, and I volunteered to be the Groundskeeper.  Basically I´ll be in charge of maintaining the Seed Bank log and cleaning up the seed storage area, as well as run the meetings for the next year.  I´m excited because I have been looking for a way to further involve myself during my Peace Corps service.  I´ll be working with a few friends who are also part of the committee, and it will give me a few extra responsibilities which is great!  Can´t be afraid to tackle new things!

Saturday evening we had Ahendu, which is basically a big music event that hosts performances from Paraguayans, PCVs, and other volunteer groups in Paraguay.  It happens every time a new group of volunteers swears into service.  It was fun to just hang out and talk with everyone from my G, as well as other volunteers that I´ve met over the last 5 months that I´ve been in site.

I have to say, at first I didn´t think I was going to make any super-good friends while I was here.  I just kind of expected to be isolated in my own little corner of Paraguay and that I wouldn´t have much of a social life.  That is not what happened though.  I think there´s something about sharing these kinds of experiences and challenges that brings people together.  There are quite a few people that I spend time with on a regular basis, and it´s great that our conversations don´t just revolve around what is happening at our sites.  We talk religion, politics, about our friends and families... I´m incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such a supportive (albeit completely insane) group of people that make me laugh a ton.

This week has been all about reconnect.  I´m staying with my original host family, and it´s been really fun to catch up with them and practice my language.  I´m getting better I think... it´s hard to gauge.  The people in Inmaculada speak much more clearly than the people in San Jose.  We´re covering a lot of topics during the training, from seed-saving to green manures to grant writing.  It´s all good stuff.

Time is going fast, though, and like I said I miss my house.  I´ll be ready to go back to SJB when the time comes.

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