Friday, March 16, 2012

Who wants to build my fence? Anyone? phooey...

So March is half over... when did that happen? I have been pretty busy traveling around for the past few weeks, and it´s been nice to just be home for the last few days.  I have the joy of building a fence this weekened, so that should be interesting.  I just bought all of the wire that I need, as well as a saw and some wire cutters, and tomorrow I get to start splitting and sawing all of this:

Bamboo, or takuara in Guarani. For my super-lindo fence.  heh.
I´m always relieved when I walk into the ferreteria (hardware store) and can actually convey my point in Spanish.  I´m getting there, slowly but surely.  "Hola! Yo necesito los dos alambre po´i y atar, tenazas, y un serrucho.  Es para una cercado. Y clavos tambien."  It´s not always that smooth, but today I came out a winner.

Eventually the cercado (fence) is going to be placed neatly next to my house, where my garden will be.  Due to my never-ending battle with the chickens, ducks, and other foul fowl, a fence is required to keep my future veggies alive.  Another reason why birds are the worst thing in the world.  I´m hoping to put in at least 3 or 4 tablóns of green peppers, carrots, onions, cucumbers, spinach, zucchini, etc.  I also want to have room for my compost piles.  It´s a  small area, so I´m definitely going to need to be smart about the layout.

Hopefully I will be finished by Sunday afternoon.  On Monday, I´m going to Salto Cristal with some friends, and then I plan on buying my seeds at an agrovet next Saturday when I meet up with some friends for lunch in Paraguarí.  I´ll try to video some of the work I do as a demo of probably how not to use a machete.  This is one of those days when I wish my Dad could drive down to help me with projects like this.  Math and geometry were never strengths of mine, and I don´t know if I have the patience for this kind of repetative and frustrating work.  I´m sure it will be fine though.

Once this fence is done and the garden is planted, I want to start working on the water line and building my shower.  I´m probably going to draft some help from other volunteers for that project... I don´t have a clue about plumbing!

Things are going well.  I don´t even really think about home much anymore.  I´ve sort of fallen into a groove here, which is good.  The weather is gradually cooling, and the days are just flying by!  I can hardly believe April is coming so fast, and the next group (G38) will be swearing in soon.  I´m almost a veteran!  My G has it´s Reconnect training coming up, which signifies almost 4 months at site... life moves crazy fast!

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