Thursday, March 1, 2012

I get around

Happy March everyone!  It's crazy... I've officially begun my sixth month in Paraguay.  Early on in my service I didn't buy what everyone said about how fast time passed... but I'm totally getting it now.

I may or may not be stuck out of site today.  It's been raining since pretty early this morning, and I'm still in Asuncion.  I need to head out soon if I want to get back before dark, but if it's raining it won't make a difference.  I'll probably have to stop at a friend's site on the way home and spend the night.

Transportation is always interesting here.  The bus system can be erradic, taxis are expensive, and our restrictions when it comes to hopping on motos increases the difficulty.  A taxi from Ybycui to my site can cost 40 mil guaranies, which is like $9.00 just to drive six miles, and there's no guarantee anyone will drive it in the rain because the road is so bad.

It's amazing how my sphere has shrunken over the past five months.  In the US, it was no big deal for me to jump in my car and drive to across town to go to a restaurant, maybe BBQ with some friends in Ypsilanti or Whitmore Lake, then go downtown for coffee or the market... 50 miles in one day was no big deal.  Here, many people don't leave their houses all day, and maybe will go into Ybycui for a few hours once every couple of weeks.  It's just a different world.

I don't really miss the driving, but I do miss having everything at arms length.  When I lived in my apartment, it was a 5 minute walk to Meijer where I could be fruit and vegetables, frozen pizza, or a bag of chips.  Now I have to plan my meals way ahead of time just to make sure that I have all the ingredients, and so I can pick up what I'm lacking next time I'm in a place like Asuncion or Paraguari.  It's teaching me how to live with less though, and I'm much more conscious of cost and what I really need.

Well, I'm going to head over to Super6 and pick up some food, and then have lunch and try to go back to site.  Have a great weekend!

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