Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adios Verano! Stay away forever...

The Paraguayan summer is officially over.  It´s no secret that I have become almost giddy with excitement over the arrival of sub-70F temperatures.  On my way into town this morning, I wore a long sleeved shirt, a fleece vest, a long sleeved fleece over that vest, gloves, and my Big House Football U of M winter hat.  And guess what?  No sweat!  I don´t even have to shower anymore!

Along with the demise of hell (aka summer) means the start of garden season.  Those of you who pay attention to my facebook know that I have been overdramatically whining about the effort that my bamboo fence has taken over the past couple of weeks.  Well, minus the gate and the composting area (which I will finish tomorrow), the fence is done!  So now it´s time to get down to business creating my seed beds and planting my vegetables.

Now for some personal reflections.  I arrived in Paraguay six months ago today, and though time passed quickly, I can´t help but feel a bit homesick.  My life here is never boring, but a lot of the days are the same.  I get up, have my coffee, read 1 Kings and Psalms, maybe do some laundry, visit with some families, drink some tereré, and go to bed.  It´s only when I contact home that I realize that things ARE definitely changing.  People are getting married, retiring, or moving, having babies, kids are growing older, etc.  My niece is currently potty-training and speaking in full sentences.  When did that happen?  I´ve also been thinking a lot about how I won´t be going up to Grand Lake for the next two summers, and that´s weighing on me too. 

But everything I do here is a new, exciting experience.  God has been teaching me that each and every day is so jam packed with different opportunities.  It just takes getting out into the world and see what´s happening! 

Now that I´m done with my first three months in site I can start paying attention to various vacation offers from other volunteers, as well as start exploring my own options.  My parents are talking about coming down to visit me in July or August, so that´s exciting!  I´m also looking at ski packages in the Andes, as well as the usual excursions to Buenos Aires or the Amazon.  South America has a lot of travel options, and I´m excited to get started!

Sorry, this entry is kind of lame.  I´m out of internet saldo until the 1st of April, so I can´t upload any of my videos or photos or anything.  It´s a lot better when I have something to talk about.

I´ll probably come back to Ybycui on Monday morning, so then I´ll have some more content.  Happy Spring/Fall everyone!

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Aryn Shillair said...

Ummm...showers may still be a good idea. :) At least you have some towels on the way that dry quickly. Hope you have a good time planting your garden! Your vacations sound great!