Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Videos Videos Videos!

I have a few more of these to upload, but they take forever in Paraguay... so just three for now.

I give a quick run down of the torturous chickens that I live with, some Guarani, as well as some information on tereré and why it's so great.  Enjoy!


Manuel said...

Hey Bryce!
What video editing program do you use? I'd love to do more Vlogging for my blog too. But, I just don't want choppy videos and would love to add text and stuff. Algo basico..ndaha'ei chuchi.

bren said...

Love your videos! :) I know this will drive you crazy, but the chickens are cute :) they are so for sharing! We are praying for you everyday!

José Joon Woo Park said...

Bryce mba'etekopio che ra'a?
me gusta muchisimo este blog, tu articulo, tu video y tu vida en una campaña en Paraguay aunque no hay tal cosa ahí pero vos estás luchando, viviendo con cualquiera cosa yo creo. Estoy en la ciudad, pueblo, y tengo Aire, baño lindo, y varias despensas donde yo puedo comprar lo que quiero ahora mismo. Gracias por uploading de tus cuentos, me encanta, cuando vos pases el pueblo de Ybycuí mesajeamena un poco a mi ha ja´u tereré che ra´a, jajotopata!!

José Joon Woo Park said...
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