Friday, February 24, 2012

Rats and Cats

Well friends, I have rats.  Awesome.  A few nights ago we had a really windy day followed by a rainstorm that knocked out the power for a day and a half.  Usually I have a fan running to cover up the nocturnal sounds of the campo... but not that night.  And it was a good thing, too, because I'm not sure I would have known where to look for the varmint who was eating through my boxes of juice and spreading my trash all over the floor at night.

Turns out they live in the ceiling.  During a nap the other day I caught a glimpse of at least 2 of them running down the center-beam at the peak of my roof.  I awkwardly went up to my landlord's house and told my host-brothers about it... then chaos ensued.  It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in Paraguay so far, and I wished I could have caught it on video.  The all grabbed long sticks and started poking at it, calling the dog down all at the same time.  The rats took off for a pile of brush near my house, and the dog just dove in.  One of the rats got up a tree and the guys just started chucking things at the trees... it was crazy!

The dog ended up killing the one in the brush pile, but the other one got away, and has returned to mess with my mind.  I can hear the stupid thing, but can't see it.  Looks like it's about time to invest in some rat traps and a cat... I wanted a dog, but cats are lower maintenance and better for rodents, I think.  So that's that.  I never thought I would own a cat.  I might name it something like Ivai or Feo (Ugly).  Not a fan of the felines...  But as long as it gets the job done I'll tolerate it.

In other news, we finally had some rain.  It rained for about a day and a half, so that was refreshing.  It cooled things down and wiped out the dust for a little while.  Other volunteers say it's terrible, but I'm really looking forward to winter.

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