Monday, February 13, 2012

Oviedo, Cleto Romero, and Whatever Mario's Site is Called

There are too many Spanish city names to remember.  In Paraguay, you have departamentos, which are like the equivalent of a state in the United States.  These are places that sound very similar to one still learning Spanish, like Caazapa, Caaguazu, Cordillera, etc.  I live in Paraguari.  Within these departamentos, you have cities, like Ybycui or Carapegua or Yagueron or Guarambare, and then there are companias around those cities, like San Jose Boqueron or... see?  I always forget other people's sites because I can never remember companias.  Ybycui has something like 43 companias around it, and I am the only volunteer... Hoping for another one to land in the area sometime while I'm here.

Anyways, way off the point.  I went to my friend Mario's site to celebrate my other friend Elijah's birthday last week.  Some of us Ags met up in Oviedo and spent the night at a hotel before taking the bus into Mario's site the day after.  When we get together, we always have a good time.  It's pretty much a guarantee with this group of people.
The "radioactive surge pool."  Why the water was so green, I have no idea.

Kristen tried to learn some accordion... kind of complicated.
The dude in the yellow hat was from Argentina and spoke a little English.  He and his Chilean friend were street performers who decided to crash our table for a bit.  It was a good time!

February is a busy month for me.  Last week was the visit to Mario's, this week I have two meetings in Paraguari (Paraguari is the capitol city of Paraguari the departamento... confusing) on Thursday.  One is about SNP certification, which I know nothing about, and the other is going to introduce me to some politicians who may be useful later in my service.  Then Friday I have committee meetings at the Peace Corps Office in Asuncion... Lots going on.  Amanda's chicken project was also approved last week, so now I have a project to work on!  A project I don't know that much about... Hopefully my Spanish kicks into high gear!

I hope all is well at home, and thanks to all of you who sent me a message about my previous post.  Things are going much better now... Peace Corps is so full of highs and lows every day.  It's a good thing God gave us a brain to think with, and not our feelings!

ps, my house is on google maps!

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