Friday, February 3, 2012

I would like to buy a hamburger...

Ugh, no kidding.  One that preferably came from Grizzly Peak.  I gotta stop doing this to myself...

I consider myself a big fan of Steve Martin.  He is, after all, responsible for classics like The Three Amigos, Father of the Bride, and The Jerk, and also gave us the great "I miscounted the men!" line from 30 Rock.  However, not every movie made by a funny guy can be great.  Hence The Pink Panther.  How they ever made a sequel to this horrendous remake of the Peter Sellers versions from the 60s, I will never understand.  This movie is awful.  Made even more awful by the presence of Beyonce, who should stick to singing and pretending to have babies (what is happening in the United States?! Seriously.).

Why am I writing all of this.  Obviously I´m a little out of it.  Here´s a clip of this awful movie... the ONLY good part of this movie.

This is an incredibly accurate picture of how life has been for me in the last few weeks with my landlord´s family.  Sometimes I´m playing the role of the teacher, trying to get correct pronunciations for words like "Milk" or "Horse" (I´m sure you can imagine where that one usually ends up, haha).  Sometimes I´m playing the part of the student, trying desperately to correctly say words like "Ypycarai" or "Sapu`apu`a," which I´m positive that I´m even spelling wrong.

Either way, I guess it´s always good for a laugh, and finding ways to laugh is key to survival out here in the campo.

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Nicole Ellefson said...

Hang in there buddy, it all gets easier on the language front.