Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where's Waldo?

It's a common question to ask people what celebrity they most resemble, or if they were to play a person in a movie, who would they play... I've never had a good answer for that question.  People have said I look like Harry Potter, which I think is ridiculous, and I've heard Peter Parker before, but I've never seen much of a resemblance. 

That is, until I made the final trip from Ña Lucina's house to my landlord's house, where I will be staying until I move into my house *hopefully* not long from now.  Over the last couple of months, I have managed to acquire things... way more things than I want.  But it's part of the territory.  You move somewhere for 2 years, you start to buy stuff.  So anyway, I threw my backpack on, wrapped my towel around my shoulders along with my big and bulky fan, grabbed a couple of grocery bags of stuff, my termo, and my sombrero and started across town.  I got a quick glimpse of myself in the mirror, and looked like the Paraguayan version of this:
Yikes.  Where's Waldo.  I loved all of those books as a child, but little did I know that I would follow in his steps, carrying all of my random crap all over the world leaving stuff places.  I haven't lost anything yet that I know of, but it makes you wonder if Waldo knew he was losing stuff either.  He wasn't looking for it in those books, the reader was.  But I guess I know what my next holloween costume will be.  

So yeah, I'm crossing my fingers that the move in will be at the end of the month.  My site presentation is the 27th, and my APCD is bringing all of my other luggage from the PC Office in Asuncion, so I'd like to be able to put it somewhere.  The house still needs electricity, and we need to fix part of the roof and add a window.  Once I get into my house, I feel like I'll be able to concentrate more on work.  I've been really stressed out for the last few weeks, as moving around means a lot of awkward silence every day because it's kind of impossible to get to know someone in one week, especially when you speak different languages.  

Once I have my own space, I can relax and enjoy this Peace Corps experience so much more easily.  Until then, I head to Asuncion (or "Brunchmo," as the predictive text on my phone wants to call it for some reason) tomorrow, and return here on Friday evening.  Busy week ahead!  Enjoy the cold at home... it's blistering hot here!

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Aryn Shillair said...

I like your comparison. I have a package ready to send out to you, but we are in the middle of "Snow Storm 2012" out here and I'm homebound at least for a few days. I will send it soon.
Just a precaution that I know you already careful not to isolate yourself too much when you do have your own place. Keep putting yourself in those akward situations so you can learn and get to know the people you're serving. :)
love you!