Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving In!

Hello again!  My site presentation was last Friday, and it went GREAT!  Gloria and Kevin (the Ag Volunteer Coordinator) came to my site in the morning and we had tererè at my new house.  I was not all the way moved in at that point, but it was still good to get the OK that everything there was good.  The Site Presentation is basically a Peace Corps summary of our work, history, rules, and general information for the community.  Gloria talked about my college degree and my work with the USDA a bit, and then launched into the rest of the info.  Over 30 people showed up from San Jose!  It was nice to have that support from the community.

I have spent the last few days fixing up the house and moving all of my things into it.  I packed way too much.  If you`re thinking of joining Peace Corps, UNDERPACK.  It is easy to find things in Asuncion, and I brought way too much.  Here is a quick tour of my house-

And some photos-
Inside the house.  I am probably eventually going to get a new fridge and use this one as a pantry.

The porch is actually bigger than the inside of the house.  Provides some much needed sombra!

Yay for a bike!  No more six mile walks for a while!

I am super-happy in my new digs.  There is still some work to be done, but over all I think it is going to work out great!  It`s close enough that I can still hang out with Rodrigo and Rolando (my landlord`s nephews), and I get to use their shower and toilet, as well as their running water.  So yay for that!  Eventually I want to run a pipe down so I can have a spicket closer to the house.  It is kind of a pain to make the trip down that hill with a bucket.

In the coming weeks I am going to be building a fence for my garden.  I started my compost pile yesterday, and the soil is in desperate need of rejuvenation.  It`s like a concrete parking lot out there.

Well, gotta go do some grocery shopping!  I get to cook for myself now!

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