Friday, January 6, 2012

Dang it Roger, we should have worked on my forearms

Back in May I decided I was going to make some life changes.  I stopped buying ELFudge cookies, started walking and running more, and hired a personal trainer at my gym.  I wanted to get in shape.  HA!  Now I eat chipa guasu and sopa paraguaya every day, often made with pig fat, and am onto my last hole in my belt.  I´m losing the weight, but I think it´s more muscle loss than anything... because all I eat is salt and fat.

Why should I have built up my forearms?  Because milking cows takes grip strength for long periods of time.  Grip strength that I don´t have.  I´m sure Ña Gregoria gets a kick out of watching me sweat, but man... milking cows is rough stuff, haha.  I´m such a weakling, it´s not even funny.  I´m looking forward to setting up my own mini-gym on my huge porch at my new house.  And who knows, RunBryceRun may make a come-back as a Paraguay edition!
Life has been pretty good for me so far this week.  I´ve been attempting to help milk the cows, and yesterday I even did a little cleaning near the house I will be living in for my service.  I´m hoping to be able to move in after my Site Presentation on the 27th.  The house is great!  It´s a wooden building on the side of a hill opposite the Cerro, right next to a banana field.

I´ll have space for a garden, but it´s right next to the house so I´ll need to do something about roof run-off.  I´m not so sure how practical a french drain would be in the Paraguayan campo, haha.  Any of you NRCSers have a suggestion?  As I type this, I´m actually in the electronic Field Office Tech Guide right now looking at the roof run-off spec, haha.  Ehhh... I´ll probably just built an eaves trough out of scrap metal.  Who ever would have thought someone would access the eFOTG from an internet cafe in South America?  My life is ridiculous.  I am definitely having a garden though... gotta eat my veggies!

Things are definitely improving here for me!  My language is still rough, but as I stay active and continue to meet people I am starting to feel more comfortable at site.  Going to Asuncion was good for me, I think.  Every once in a while I just need a couple of days to re-focus.  Hope all is well in the States!  Warm... from what I´m seeing through my facebook feed of WILX.  You people need to get some snow so you can start skiing (Sob!).

I promise to get a video done sometime in the next couple of weeks.  It´s been a long time since I gave you a face-to-face update!  Please notice that I´ve changed the address on the side bar to include my address for mailing things to Ybycui.  The PC Office one is still fine, but I don´t have to go all the way into Asuncion to pick up stuff sent to the new address.  My phone number is listed as well. If you have an iPhone, you can download the TextFree app, and then text me for free.  I don´t pay for received texts, so it´s a great way to communicate with me!  I get charged about 400 Gs for every text I send to the states... but I think that´s only about 10 cents off my saldo... I don´t know, we´ll see how this month goes with my phone, haha!

Also, I´ve continued to add new books to the book reviews page.  Lots of reading time for us PCVs!


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Erin Segar said...

Stay safe down there! Make sure not to contract the big gutters for your run runoff, you prolly only need the small ones.