Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's official -- I'm a PCV!

It's been a very fast 10 weeks, but it still feels like I've been in Paraguay for longer than that.  I'm really excited to go to my site and start working though!  I leave for my site tomorrow morning, and I will get set up with my host family and begin my two years of Peace Corps service.

The Swear-In Ceremony went well.  It was well represented by various Paraguayan and American government officials, and they had good cake.
Some of the Aggies and me.  I'm going to miss these people. :o(
My Host Family, Ignacia and Mica
My language class with our instructor, Diosnel

Before swear-in though, we all had a chance to go to a party where we ate some interesting things.  They had a boiled cow-head, so we all got to partake in brain and tongue and stuff like that.  It's not something that I would go for all the time, but hey--gotta try everything once, right?  We also had blood sausage, which I would not include on my list of my favorite things.  Now that I've tried it, I will be saying "No gracias" from now on.

The last couple of days have been spent walking all over Asuncion, getting used to the bus system, and exploring the malls and markets.  It's been hot here, so I'm pretty exhausted.  Asuncion is an interesting city, and full of helpful resources that I'm sure I'll be utilizing in my site.  I even found storybooks in Spanish for only Gs 15,000 (equivalent to about $3.50)!  Overall, I'm ready to get to work.  I have a lot of exciting projects in development, a lot of (hopefully innovative) ideas, and two years to complete them!

We had a dinner for just out training class tonight, and most people showed up.  It was a good opportunity to say goodbye to some people I won't see for a while.  It's a little strange to know that after being surrounded by 33 other people for the last 10 weeks, out of all of them it's going to be just me at my site.  But that just means I have more room in my life for Paraguayans!  ;o)

¡Suerte G37!

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