Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Adventure Begins... Again.

Hello Friends!  I know it´s been a long time since I last updated.  I kept forgetting my camera, and I don´t like to just post text.  But things have definitely been busy!  We just finished training officially today, and we have our Swearing In Ceremony on Friday.  After that, I have 2 days in Asuncion, and then I´m leaving for my site!

I´m basically over my homesickness for now.  I think it´s been replaced by excitement.  I´m encouraged by my language scores (Intermediate-high for Guarani, Intermediate-low for Spanish), though I think they were being generous with the scores.  I spoke with Amanda (The volunteer I´m replacing) yesterday, and it sounds like the people in the community are just as excited as I am, which is great!  I´m really eager to get to site and start building relationships with my new friends and families.

In case you don´t know where San Jose Boqueron is:

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The last couple of weeks have revolved around closing out service, taking tests, and learning random skills that might be useful at site.  We cooked with our language professors (Chipa Guasu!), re-learned how to make good tererè, and made granola.
 It´s also been a great time to just spend with friends and enjoy the last few days that we all have together.  It´s crazy that pretty soon, I ´ll be living far away from all these people.  I´m going to miss them.  But we have phones!  We got phones and signed up for internet service in Asuncion yesterday, so it´s nice to be back in the 21st century! Haha.  I´m not going to post the number here, but I´ll send it in an email to people that I know.

I can receive calls for free, but that doesn´t mean that it won´t cost the caller anything.  I´m not sure what the skype to phone rate is from the US to Paraguay, or what it would cost for you to send texts.  Yes, people, I finally have a cell phone plan with texting.  But it´s probably insanely expensive... But anyways, hopefully we can all catch up soon!

Until then, Adios!

And just as a reminder, my address has changed in the sidebar.  The only difference is that the "PCT" has changed to a "PCT."


Anonymous said...

Great to hear your doing well, and keep up the great work!

Chip & Megan Cogan said...

I never thought I would see you so excited for a cellphone!