Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 is coming to a close...

Christmas is over, thankfully, and I'm ready to move on with my life.  I let the pressure of the holiday get to me, but I've decided to pick myself up and start charging ahead once again.  No more moping!  It's technically the first and last Christmas I'll ever have to spend away from home ever again, so the recovery should be pretty quick.

Monday I went to La Colmena for a volunteer meeting, and it was great to just get out of site for a bit and refocus.  I met Maggie in Acahay, and we took the bus to La Colmena where we went to a pizza restaurant.  Man, I miss pizza.  We ended up running into a snag on the way back to Acahay (ahem... took the wrong bus, got off in the middle of no where, and had to walk like an hour back to the terminal), but for the most part it went smoothly.

The multiple highs and lows that happen every day as a Peace Corps volunteer can kill a person.  Seriously, you're killing me Smalls.  So yesterday, my program director called the man I wanted to lease the house from.  At this point, I had already met with a construction company in Ybycui for a price estimate on floor and roof tiles, cement, etc.  I was all set!  Then this guy tells my program director he has no interest in renting the property--he just wants to sell it.  My first reaction was true disappointment.  I knew that I had another option, but it was kind of far back in the community.

I decided to go explore that other option anyway, and it turns out the house needs almost no work, it's got a HUGE porch with a great view, and the landlord is going to let me use the shower and TOILET in his house.  Yes, I said toilet.  I'm actually pretty excited about this now, haha.  And the fact that it doesn't need repair means that it will be easier to get all of the previous volunteers things in faster, etc etc.  So yay!  I'm happy about that.  Plus, the landlord is the Professor at the school, so that should help me speed up my language learning, as well as give me opportunities for working in the schools when they're in session.

It's amazing how much you miss these when they're gone
I'm going to Asuncion this weekend to discuss some details, but over all, things are looking up.  I spent like 4 hours de-podding some kumanda (beans) this morning, and will no doubt be at it again this evening.

Thanks to all of you who offered encouragement over the past week or so.  I needed it.  But it's important now that I start to lock in on my experiences here in Paraguay, and not so much of what's happening back in the US.  I really need to start speaking more Guarani!

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Aryn Shillair said...

Hooray! It will be nice for you to have your own place, and also to make some connections in your community. :) Answers to prayer. Ruth read me your blog yesterday in the car so I'm now reading it for myself.
Rayne is using all of her Apple toys...especially the ipad. I think she will go through withdrawls when they leave from "doodle buddy" and Tim from "angry birds".
I love you! Enjoy your weekend away.