Saturday, November 12, 2011

Long Field Practice in San Franciscomi

Hello!  Long Field Practice was a blast!  We arrived in San Franciscomi on Tuesday morning and jumped right into the work.  My language class, our instructor, and our technical trainer (Jonathan) drove about three hours south of Guarambare to the department of Caazapa.  We spent four days working with Gabe, the current volunteer in that site.  Gabe is in our sister G, which means that he arrived in Paraguay a year ahead of us, and will be around for our first year of service.  I´m G37, he´s G34.  Because of federal budget issues, things are about to get wonky with the G´s... glad I don´t have to figure that out.

After lunch with our in-town host families, Kristen, Emily, Laura, and I went over to a woman´s house to make glasses out of wine bottles.  We used wire and friction to heat up the bottles, and then plunged them down into ice water, and they just broke.  Then we sanded down the edges.  It´s a pretty cool project, and a great way to recycle.

Day two was a lot of trees and bees.  We did our first wild hive capture, called a trasiego, and it went pretty smoothly.  I had a couple of holes in my gloves so I got stung a couple of times, but it was no biggie.  No need for an epipen here!

The next day we did our charla on balanceados cacero and created a calendaria agricola with the ag comite in town.  It was all in Guarani, and I think it went pretty well.  All of the people who attended were great participators, and it felt great to know that making their own animal feed instead of buying it is something that many of them may conceivably try.

The last day we did some work in the schools, planting trees with the kids and teaching them about liquid fertilizer, which we refer to as abono tea.  Gabe was a great host, and it was great to get another perspective on what the life of a volunteer is like.

On Wednesday we get our site assignments!  Friday, we get to go spent a few days at our sites over the weekend.  Then it´s just a few more weeks and I´m out there on my own!  I´ll be sure to post something later next week after I find out the exciting news!
PS- Please DO NOT send things FedEx or UPS... it´s crazy expensive!  I didn`t know it would be so crazy when I said that before.  I suggest sticking with regular mail, and don´t send anything too pricey.  Thanks!

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Aryn Shillair said...

It makes me happy to see that you are happy. :) The glass making was so cool! You'll have to give us a lesson when you get back. We have enough wine bottles! It would be cool to recycle them that way.
Praying for you this week! Can't wait to hear where you'll be stationed! That is cool that you get a preview visit.
love you.
oh, and MSU and UofM both won their games yesterday. If MSU can win the next 2 games, they'll play in the Big 10 play off game, and if they win that, they would go to the rose bowl! Did you hear that Joe Patterno was fired? Big coaching scandal at Penn State. It's actually quite sad. One of his coaching staff was convicted of child abuse felonies over the past 15 years or so and he knew about it and didn't do anything. People are so screwed up. Anyway, that's the latest in college football. Not too important,but "news".