Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ummm…  yeah.  This presentation was awesome.  Sometimes skits are lame, but sometimes they can be very, very fun (and applicable to real life). We Peace Corps Trainees have a club that was started day one called the SYP club.  I’ll leave those of you who are creative to figure out what that stands for, though please refrain from posting any cuss words in the comments.  ;-)  Thanks.  But anyway, I unfortunately joined that club this week, on the worst possible day for it.

So the morning started out something like this:
The entire group was split into pairs and sent into Asunción on our own for the first time, each with a mission to visit two potentially useful locations for Peace Corp Volunteers.  They call this Tapeapóvo, which means something in Guaraní about a road leading to another road, or something like that.  I rolled out of bed at 4:40AM and was supposed to meet my traveling partner (Laura) at 5:00.  It was raining buckets outside (as it does here… it never just rains -- It POURS) with lots of lighting/thunder.  After getting dressed, I ran out to use the rest room wondering why my blessed Pepto was not working.  Well, there’s a hole in the roof right above the toilet.  So yeah, I had to change my clothes again because I was already soaked.

So Laura and I meet up around 5:15 and walk to the bus stop.  My wonderful family gave me a plastic table cloth to use in addition to my rainjacket.  I looked like a total fool, but it kept my legs mostly dry!  We took our bus to Asuncion and went to Agrofield, which is a gardening and farming equipment/seed/pesticide store.  We did our little interview with a salesman and then went back out into the rain.  We caught our next bus to the Jardín Botánico, which you can hear more about in the video below:

After a third dose of Pepto, I’m pretty sure I’m over my…issue.  However, I may not be back to normal for a few days, which should be interesting… ;-)  Sorry if this is gross, but our group seriously has no shame these days.  We’re all dealing with it so it’s up for discussion pretty much every day. 

I’m not posting every video on my blog, so be sure to check in with my facebook or go to my youtube channel:

Next week is our visit with a current PCV.  Each of us is sent out to spend 4 days one-on-one with a volunteer already serving in our sector.  I’m super-excited about this, and I’m eager to jump into the experience!  Hit me up on the comments, email, or facebook, and I’ll do my best to get in touch later next week after I get back.  Have a great weekend!

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