Monday, October 5, 2009

In honor of next monday...

Christopher Columbus = Steaksauce
Christopher Columbus is pretty cool...ish
But thinking America was India was pretty foolish.
He might not be that smart, I certainly don't care
Because I get the day off, I'll have time to spare.

Holidays should definitely be more frequent, I think.
With days off, and bonuses, and lots to drink.
Dream of the joys of sleeping in and relaxing,
Now compare that with work--it's really quite taxing.

So bring on that sleep, and don't do no work!
Forget about that person who's being a jerk!
Christopher Columbus, I thank you, I say
For creating that great federal holiday!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Keep Southeast Asia in Your Prayers

I've been following the weather situation in Southeast Asia pretty closely. Things are not looking good, and there's is going to be a need for MASSIVE clean up over the next few months.

If anyone doesn't know, Typhoon Ketsana plowed through Manila last week. It put 80% of the city (home to millions of people) underwater, killing almost 250 people. They're expecting landfall from a super-typhoon later today, with another one heading in the same direction coming next week. Luckily, the brunt of this most recent storm, Typhoon Parma, is going to hit in the northwest side of Luzon (the big island), which isn't too heavily populated. But they're expecting flooding rains for most of the island.

I use typhoon2000 for most of my updates. It was something I watched pretty closely while I was there a couple of years ago. I'll never experience rain like that again. I remember it just pouring for 14 hours straight over the evening, and I heard it all on the metal roof of my apartment. There was pretty bad flood in Laguna de Bay, and our rice projects were un-workable due to the flooding in Victoria. I'm pretty sure none of that compares to what they're facing this week.

South has a missionary family (with SEND International) that is located in Quezon City. I was in contact with them for a bit while I was there.

I would encourage all of you to be in prayer for the entire Southeast Asia region. With all of the typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis in the Philippines, Samoa, and Indonesia, there has been a lot of death and many people are suffering out there. Pray that God will use these events to draw people to Himself, and that the missionaries in the area will present the gospel clearly.