Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6 weeks of crazy

Well...I don't really know whether or not to be excited or kind of dread the rest of this summer, because it all starts this weekend.

-June 19: Take off for a weekend beach bumming in Holland.
-June 27: Take off for another weekend in Washington DC.
-July 2: Go to Lansing to see Brenda/the twins and do the whole fireworks shindig.
-July 6: Fly to Oklahoma City for training
-July 24: Come back from Oklahoma City
-August: Cottages? Dallas?

It's basically been decided that for the rest of the summer, my weekends are full. I'm already exhausted... But hey, I suppose it's cool that I get to see a lot and do a lot! Maybe once I get my laptop back I can get back into the video blogging...

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