Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scroll buttons and the lappy...dead

Well, my laptop is now mostly dead. It still works...ish. Yes. It's true. My Philippinized compy (aka the Ant Graveyard) has finally met the fate of all of the ants inside of it. Muerte. Therefore I am on the prowl for a new lappy 5000. Oh Strongbad, I wish I still found you funny.

Given my history with laptops, I am considering bypassing the lappy and going for a...desky? I'm kind of a laptop murderer. Laptops come to me when they want to die. I can keep plants alive for 6 years, but can't keep a lappy alive for more than two. Figures. I just have an unfortunate affinity for destroying portable electronic devices.

This is where I need all you tech-savvy nerds to help me out. Below is a list of pros and cons:

Laptop Pros/Cons:
-portable. I can travel with it.
-A lot of laptops now have built in webcams. That's a plus.
-Fewer wires

-Generally more expensive
-Lets face it--I destroy them. It would probably only last 2 years because I drop them and forget things are plugged into them, and then things fall off and quit working. humf.
-the fan/heatsink always gets really dirty and overheats. It's annoying.
-Batteries and power cords. bleh.

-Really hard to open up to clean, etc.

Desktop Pros/Cons:
-Typically I don't murder these
-Significantly less expensive
-It's pretty uncommon for a desktop to overheat
-No battery

-Easy to open up
-Not mobile

Now comes the other debate: Apple or PC? I usually hate Apples because of the STUPID apple key that you have to use instead of Control. I know that I could LEARN to use an apple. It just might drive me crazy and take a while.

Apple Pros/Cons:
-Minimal virus threat
-Better graphics

-Stupid Apple key
-More expensive

PC Pros/Cons:
-Familiar operating system
-Compatible with all of my games. I have to be able to play the Sims/Zoo Tycoon, people. Come on.
-No Stupid Apple key
-Significantly Less Expensive

-More prone to virus threats

Obviously, the transition from a laptop to a desktop will take some adjustment. The key factors in the decision definitely revovle around price, mobility, and durability. Yes--I have put a lot of thought into this.

I need suggestions! People with knowledge need to comment and tell me what to do. Please?