Monday, March 30, 2009

Here's a list of events and observations from the last week:
1. I got some tall bluestem grass at my forages training. There's a bug flying in it. But plants on my desk=happiness.
2. I made the mistake of telling my small group the story of when I almost ran over Tom Izzo while on my rollerblades near Mun Field. Now they just think I'm crazy.
3. It SNOWED last night. >:o BOOOOOOOOOO.
4. Chelsea is moving into my complex, which means I get $250! =D Guess I can start saving towards that saltwater fish tank.
5. Sugar cookies+confetti frosting = delicious. Unfortunately sugar cookies+frosting also =fatso.
6. The Office managed to get interesting again, while Heroes managed to get stupid again.

I only made it to six. This is my exciting life.

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Danae Mowry said...

good morning brycer,

how cool is it that chealsea is moving in near you. that means all your LCC peeps will visit more often.

I did not know you wanted to get a fish tank. fish tanks are the coolest. I just stare at them for hours. so fascinating.

the roller blading story is epic.

i'm well

I sang a solo at south on sunday. it was fun. but no one is in that service (traditional service now called balanced service)... anymore. your parents weren't even in there.

have a great day!