Sunday, January 25, 2009


I've been in Washington since Thursday, and we just returned from a ski trip to Mt. Baker. I went with Aryn and Tim and 6 other people from their church and we rented a cabin about 30 minutes from the mountain.

The place was amazing. It had a woodstove (that later made the place WAY too hot), a hot tub, and pretty much a room for each of us to sleep. It was in a vally with a river running right through the back yard, and the contrast of the snow with the moss and the conifers was really cool. It was basically sunny for the entire time, which was a blessing.

We spent the entire day yesterday skiing on the mountain. I did pretty well-- only a couple of minor falls. I was pretty happy with myself because it was my first time out for the year. The runs at Baker are much, much longer than anything I've ever skied before, so my quads were killing me by the end of the day. Some of the lifts took like 10-15 minutes just to make it to the top.

Last night we just sat in the hot tub and ate. We had so much food.

Overall it was a fantastic weekend. I think I'm seriously going to consider the Northwest when I am done in Ann Arbor. This area is absolutely beautiful, and the skiing is awesome.

My flight leaves tomorrow at 12:45, so it's back to the real world.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Titles are hard to come up with...

First, a couple of questions to answer:

have you decorated your apartment?
Yes. I received a "complementary wall painting" upon signing my lease, so I have 1 blue wall. It looks splendiferous. And I also hung all of my posters and pictures in my living room. It looks great! Although, in my room I just have a Heroes poster...and it has Maya on it so it's not even a GOOD Heroes poster... I need to do something in there. I don't know if this link will work, but it's worth a try. Aryn's Facebook has some pictures of the apartment.

have you found a church?
Not quite yet. I was only there for 1 Sunday so far, and the church I tried was my family's old church when we lived there. I may try a few other places before returning there as a default. It's a good, solid church; there just aren't that many people my age and they don't have anything else other than Sunday mornings that I know of yet.

And Danae--what do you mean your blog is not up to par yet? Your blog doesn't even exist. Better get on that. =D

Laura--I'm so glad you're enjoying your time in the tropics so far. Your entries make me hungry. Very hungry.

I'm in Seattle right now for a ski trip to Mt. Baker for Tim's birthday. It should be fun, but all three of us are sick. We're going to be meeting up with Ben and Becky, and some other people from their church, and spend the weekend up there. Should be a good time. =D

Next week, I'll be back at work. GIS is keeping me pretty busy... Any of you want to come down to Ann Arbor to eat good ethnic food, just call first!

Friday, January 16, 2009

How did I become such a bad blogger?

*sigh*, I was doing so well a year ago. Maybe that's because my life was interesting then.

-I live in Ann Arbor
-I work full time for the Natural Resources Conservation Service as a Soil Conservationist
-I NEVER have to attend classes ever again. (YES.)
-I have to pay rent (sadness)
-I can wear all of my U of M apparel without fear of violence

Interesting stuff... lets see...

The job is going well. I've been working with a lot of GIS stuff doing wetland determinations and doing soil ratings and other such things. I have tons to learn.

I went with a new friend to a Thai restaurant on Wednesday. It was expensive, but oh so good. I'll be returning.

Next week I'm leaving for Seattle for 3 days of skiing in the mountains, which I'm pretty pumped about. I had to get advanced leave from work...but you know, it's worth it.

I love my apartment. It's strange how quickly it became home. I am back in Lansing for the weekend, and it was weird to be packing like I was going on a my old house. It was very strange. I have nothing at my parents' house.

Well, that's all. I suppose I should try to keep this active as I have multiple friends who are abroad right now writing about their experiences.

Check them out!

Laura is in Thailand:
and Mercedes is in England:

Both very interesting reads. ;o)