Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, I'm leaving tomorrow sometime for Ohio, and I still don't really know when we're leaving or where we're really going. The 4 of us haven't seen each other since we decided to take this trip, so this should be an "adventure." =D

I keep saying that "this isn't my trip." Usually I get super-involved with the planning/shopping/preparation for these things, and I've chosen not to do that this time around. All responsibility has be placed completely on the shoulders of Chip and Steve. Chip is married now, and Steve is moving out to California for a real job, so I figure since they should be responsible adults/college grads (and I am still a lowly super-senior living with the Parental Units), that they should be the ones to do all the work. =D

This is probably going to blow up in my face! Ha ha. Personally, I think it's going to be fun, because it's supposed to be freezing and rainy. Haha, if anything, we'll definitely remember it!

After the Philippines, I really believe I can pretty much handle any environmental condition. If I can handle extreme heat, then I suppose I can live through freezing cold. And I was practically soaking wet for 5 months in the Phil, either because of rain or sweat! =D

This is going to be good... I'll post more about it when I get back!

ps- "parental units" isn't meant to be insulting. =D I just think it's funny!

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