Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Top 15 things gained (or lost) in the Philippines...

Wow, campus is totally dead. All of the students have gone home for the weekend, and many people in Los Banos have gone to be with family in Manila or other islands. Even IRRI was slow today. It was nice to be able to walk down Pili Drive today in the road instead of dodging cars. =D Here's another list.

15 Things Gained (or Lost) in the Philippines:
1. Tough, leathery feet
2. 30-40 lbs (lost)
3. Long hair and a beard (that will probably be gone by the time I get home.)
4. Historical knowledge of the area
5. New friends from all over the world
6. A new concept of what it means to be patient
7. A legitimate fear of dogs
8. A horrendous tan-line from daily wearing of tank tops
9. A few words of Tagalog
10. A really cool blanket with tigers on it, lol.
11. An understanding of God's sovereignty (more on stuff like this in a "things I've learned" post)
12. Like a billion pictures
13. A contact lens somewhere on Mindoro Island (they're throw-aways, no biggie ;o) )
14. A fondness for toilet paper, lol
15. 5 months of my life that I will never, EVER forget. Daily challenges and blessings that I never would have had if I had stayed at home. =D

Ok, not my best list admittedly, but I still have a few to make up for it.

And yes, I should add "Big timing" my McDonald's meals to my foreign experiences list. I also had the CRAZY typhoons that came through--how could I forget?! I was terrified! haha.

It's sort of unreal that I'll be on a plane at this time in a week, and this whole thing will be over. I have my last small group tonight (I'm leading a study on Haggai). I'll take some pictures! =D

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bryce! Brenna and I have just looked at all your blogs - there have been a lot since I looked last! The lists are enjoyable to read - it has been a reflecting time for you as you prepare to return back to life here as you know it!

I can't express how wonderful it will be to have you back at home!

I will show Dad your blogs as soon as we get home on Sunday! He'll enjoy them as we have today.

Happy Easter to you and we rejoice with you in Jesus' Resurrection!

Love always, Mom