Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Top 25 Foreign Experiences...

I'm done with tests and exams for the rest of my time here! YAY! =D

Los Banos is slowing down again this weekend. Last week things were slow because everyone was at home watching a boxing match (Boxing is HUGE here), but this weekend a lot of people are traveling, because it's the "Holy week." There is a sunrise service at 5:00AM on Sunday I'll probably go to, but it will most likely be in Tagalog. I should still be able to stay awake though...

Here's my next list--

My Top 25 Foreign Experiences...
1. Eating balut
2. Snorkeling!
3. Jeepneys
4. Cold showers
5. Texting--LOTS of texting
6. Eating durian
7. Using an umbrella when it's sunny outside
8. Riding in a boat over open ocean, with dolphins
9. Drunken tricycle drivers (click for picture)
10. Cleaning gecko poo off my walls
11. Motorcycle taxis through the mountains, and regular taxis that reminded me of horror movies
12. Fertilizing a corn field with nothing but a plastic bottle cap and a stick of bamboo
13. Clinging to the outside of a bus overflowing with people and produce
14. Drinking pop from a glass bottle
15. Wearing shorts and flip-flops all winter long =D
16. "Come back tomorrow." Haha... *sigh*
17. Eating rice with EVERYTHING and other Filipino cuisine (sisig, sinigang, grilled squid, etc)
18. Having a chest X-ray to check for Tuberculosis
19. Ordering "leche plan" and going to the "airfort"
20. Getting felt up by security guards at the mall EVERY TIME I walked through a door
21. Stepping out into the street whenever I felt like it, and dodging the vehicles
22. Meeting people from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Germany, France, and England.
23. Watching bootlegged DVDs of the latest movies, and also movies on V-CDs.
24. Jollibee's
25. Involuntary bus tour of the Tokyo-Narita Airport

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Aryn Shillair said...

Your lists are great. :) You'll have to put them into a scrap book. You forgot "big timing" your meals! :) Tim calls it that now when we go to Wendy's or McDonalds...he tells them to "big time" his meal. :)