Sunday, March 16, 2008

Top 20 things I'm looking forward to...

Since I have about 10 days left of blogging, I thought I would start this series of posts called "Top 20 Things I'm..." It will cover things I've learned, things I've seen, things I've eaten, etc. This way I can have a pretty good record of everything I've done and learned here in the Phil.

I'm feeling slightly sentimental today, as all of my fam is in Texas right now, so today will be...

1. Driving! Mom and Dad, can I drive home from the airport? =D I promise not to drive like a Filipino. (If I can help it...) ;o)
2. Being reunited with my slurpee mug
3. PIZZA :-O
4. Spending time with friends and family (this should be higher on the list, haha).
5. 496. I know it's weird, but I miss Lansing's freeway. I drove it practically every day for 5 years.
6. MSU Dairy Store icecream
7. Going back to South.
8. Half-off apetizers at Applebee's
9. Blending in with everyone else, haha.
10. Wide sidewalks
11. Non-ferocious dogs (at least I hope that Otis, Bailey, and Sasha don't try to eat me)
12. Cheese! =D
13. English! haha.
14. Hot showers and flushing toilets. This should be like #5, but I forgot about it.
15. Wearing my hooded sweatshirts.
16. Banana nut muffins and grande spartan spirits from Sparty's.
17. The bench under the maple tree by the pond at GLCC. It's my favorite place to sit and reflect.
18. Carpeting, lol. I don't think it exists here. (even though Mom and Dad are waiting until I get home to move furniture and install it).
19. Tapwater
20. Cooler weather. It will be nice not to be sweating all the time for a while.

Way too many of these involve food, haha. It's odd what you don't realize you have until it disappears for a while! :o)

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