Sunday, March 23, 2008

Three Days...

I finally got the pictures of the fertilizing in Victoria from Wency today! There's not much to see, haha. They'll mostly be for my presentation on my internship I have to do next fall.
I have quite a bit I need to get done today. I have to start packing, set up my transportation for the airport, type up a summary on my experience here, possibly do a little shopping... I have enough to keep myself busy. Here's another list:

Top 10 Most Hilarious Memories in the Philippines:
1. Everyone thinking I was a German exchange student because I didn't have an "American name." Whatever that means... =D A "Rinkenberger" couldn't possibly be from the US!
2. Dr. Zafaralla telling me he would "Smash my face" if I gave him mashed potatoes.
3. Dili and his commentary of American Politics and urban Detroit.
4. Eating goat at Thanksgiving (or eating goat AT ALL.)
5. My entire trip home to Seattle for Christmas. I am so glad I can laugh about it now. The horrors! (This of course includes the Bone Collector taxi incident).
6. On a trip to the Mall of Asia in Manila, I wanted to avoid paying for a taxi, so I walked a half-hour in the COMPLETELY wrong direction, and had to walk all the way back to the bus station. I ended up taking a taxi anyway. (I don't know if I ever told anyone about this...)
7. The first time I ever "Big Timed" a meal at McDonald's. (There it is, Aryn =D ). It was so ridiculously small, and doesn't even come close to the true American super-sizing.
8. The fact that everyone asks me if I've lost weight. HOW FAT WAS I BEFORE?! geez...
9. My sandal's tan on my feet, and my tank-top tan on my chest. The feet are definitely the funnier of the 2 though. It's a perfect "V" on both feet, with the point going between my big toe and the rest.
10. The "Umbrella" dude that works at the front desk. I can't say I think it's that funny while he sings that AWFUL song for hours at a time, but now that I'm leaving--yes, it's funny.

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Anonymous said...

I'm caught up on reading your blog. It's a great commentary of your experiences and I agree with Aryn and you that you should print it for your "memoirs." We will be in prayer for the trip back. You sound prepared for whatever may occur. Enjoy it as you will probably have a difficult time believing the Philippine experience really happened several months from now. Life goes on. Have a great trip. Dad