Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sorry for the Buzzing...

I figure it's sort of easier to just audibly write my blogs, so I did another vid, haha. Sorry for the background noise. It always seems to do that when I'm in my room, which is kind of weird.

Last night we had durian at small group. It's the "King of Fruits" and is famous for it's horrendous smell. It's actually illegal to eat in public places in Indonesia because of the potent odor. It smells like of like fermented onions (ish). The taste isn't that bad, but the texture was sort of weird. I had to try it before I left! =D It's something all of my international Ag profs were talking about when they found out I was coming here. Its actually quite large, maybe about the size of a football, but it still grows on a tree.

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