Saturday, March 1, 2008


Tonight has been a little weird. It's almost like they evacuated the dorm or something and forgot to tell me. There's like NO ONE here! I am enjoying the quiet, because I haven't had this...ever...since I've been here, haha.

I haven't blogged much lately because it was kind of a challenging week for me, not all that wonderful. I expect to have those every once in a while, but I really didn't have all that much to write about.

My college group at home left for Florida today, for the annual spring break trip. I'm not really all that sad to be missing it this year. Spring Break for me has always been stressful, because I always took on too much work, and when I got home I was ready for another break. So I don't have that this year, and that's okay. :D

Well, maybe I'll post more in a couple of days. It's hard to believe I have less than a month left in the Philippines!

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