Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good Friday

Well, today is interesting. The whole city has just sort of shut down. It's odd to me that Roman Catholics focus so much on Christ's death, and the resurrection seems to come secondary. There was a candle-light march down Lopez Ave. today on my way to the internet cafe. This place and the mini-stop are pretty much all that is open.

A couple more "f and p mix-ups":
- Someone referred to the "enfloyees" at the rice institute
- The guy at the video rental place telling Sarah that every copy of "The Fassion of the Christ" was checked out! HAHAHAHA. That would be an interesting movie, for sure. ;o)

Leading Haggai went well last night. We had a good discussion about the Temple and God's plan for the Jews.

Here are some pictures:

Back: Ate Vangie, Sarah, and Christine
Front: Frisco, Me, Jason, and Jay (Ryan is in Turkey on vacation)

Enjoying mangostines and other things that Vangie cooks for us! =D

The Consolacion's were great hosts every week. I am going to miss them. :o(

I might do another list later today... I can't think of any ideas right now.

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