Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Final Day...

Well, this is my last full day here. I'm sure Aryn is right, I will miss more than 10 things about living here AFTER I get home. It's hard to come up with things because I'm still here and sort of focused on getting home.

I'm almost all packed. I'm hoping I'm still under the weight limits for my baggage... It may complicate things that I am switching from an international carrier (allowing 70lbs/bag) to a domestic airline from San Francisco to Seattle (usually 50lbs/bag). I hope I can somehow slide through without any problems. I don't want to have to repack things at the airport... :-\ I have no scale, so I can't weigh my bags before I leave. Hopefully it all works out.

Top 10 things I've learned in the Philippines:
***There are lots more, but I don't think you'd read something too long***
1. More about God's sovereignty. I've never doubted that He has been in control this whole time.
2. How to keep my mouth shut every once in a while. My life here has been WAY different than I live my life at home. I've learned that I don't always have to share my strong opinions. ;o)
3. Flexibility. If I had remained as rigid as I was when I got here, I would have been totally miserable.
4. Patience. Life here moves slow, and there's nothing wrong with that.
5. I'm not quite as low maintenance as I originally thought. By this point I've proven to myself that I can live with little, but I can't deny missing some of those luxuries I had at home.
6. Confidence in my ability to get around. I've flown on my own quite a few times in the US, but traveling around here is a totally different kind of travel. =D
7. Assertiveness. Mom and Dad tried to teach me this at home, but I never really believed them. They always said that things don't get handed to me, and that I have to make it for myself if I really want it. Well, it's not quite like that in Lansing, but here it was for sure. I was on my own, and had to make things work.
8. What is really important in life. Leaving behind friends and family was probably the most difficult part of this trip for me. I always thought that I was just stifled in Michigan, and that I could totally make it on my own without a hitch. I was knocked on my butt the first week here, and realized that absolutely was not true.
9. It never hurts to try everything once (unless it's a sin, haha). I did and tried a lot of things here that only enhanced my experience. I would have never ridden on a motorcycle without a helmet in the US, or eaten a partially developed duck egg.
10. We are very blessed in the United States. I knew this before I left because of my time in Panama and Mexico, but it never hurts to reinforce the concept. The majority of the world lives a very hard and laboring life. Things like safety and convenience are not often expected, and it just serves as a good reminder for me that many of the things that I throw little fits about at home don't even matter in the scope of things.

One more post from the Phil coming tomorrow morning...Then I'll be seeing you! =D


Aryn Shillair said...

At least Alaska lets you check 2 bags! United and US Air are charging you now to check a second bag! Looking forward to seeing you!

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.
Ps 62:5

Anonymous said...

The 10 things you listed are worth the entire investment of the Philippine experience. Looking forward to talking with you when you arrive home.


Super Dimple said...

Bryce, I enjoy reading your blogs about your stay in the Philippines. Of course, your stay here would not have been complete if u didnt eat the "balut" lol, you know, that partially developed duck egg.

God bless you and write more blogs!