Monday, February 4, 2008

Ilocos Norte, Vigan, and Baguio

I'll write more about my trip later. I'm busy with an assignment I forgot about. :o\ Enjoy the pictures!

Ilocos, Vigan, and Baguio


The Wandering Wolverine said...

Nice pics! How you doing over there?

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are wonderful Bryce! I especially enjoy seeing the S. China Sunsets and the huts on the beach! Oh to be there! I enjoyed the horse and buggys - did you get to ride in them at all? It looks like Vigan is very quaint and interesting - what was your favorite place? The weather sure seemed beautiful! The weaver was interesting to see. I'm amazed how quickly you can load your pictures with captions, etc. You're amazing! Love, Mom

The Wandering Wolverine said...

Glad to hear you're doing well, and still bitter towards Ohio State, haha.

I think Beilein could get us to March Madness by Year 3. sigh...but we're a long way away.

And dang...I REALLY hope we get that Pryor kid, haha. I always think to myself, "How could you choose those evil people over us?" But people make the mistake, anyway.