Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 1: Tagbilaran City

I just stepped out of the first hot shower I have had since December 29th--The morning I left Seattle after Christmas. Let me tell you...It was GLORIOUS. Many of you may think "hey, it's 90F out there, a cold shower would feel good."

No it certainly does not.

Nothing can describe the feeling of every hair on your body shooting straight up as that involentary yelp explodes from your vocal chords. It never fails...every time. So needless to say, the hot shower felt great. =D

I didn't have much daylight today, just a couple of hours. I went down to the K of C Promenade to watch the sunset and then grab some dinner.


Tomorrow I plan on visiting a couple of waterfalls or possibly a cave. I haven't decided which direction I'm going to head yet. Saturday I am going to go to the Chocolate Hills and stay overnight, and then Sunday night I'm going to search for a place to stay in Alona Beach...Hopefully I can find something.

The Tagbilaran Airport is hardly an airport...its more of an airstrip. There is one building, but it was a little weird getting off a full-size jet and walking across the tarmac. =D A fun experience though!

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Anonymous said...

It's 10:30 and I'll be going to bed soon. Wow - your pictures are so very beautiful!!! I'm so glad that you arrived safe and got a nice hot shower. You made it sound pretty wonderful!! I hope you have a special memorable trip, Bryce! (I taped survivor for you and Dad at grandpas.) Do you think you'll be able to call Friday at 8:00? Happy touring!
Love, Mom