Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bohol: Days 3 and 4

I didn't have internet access last night, so I'm including my chocolate hills trip in this update.

Yesterday I took a jeepney to Loboc and decided against doing the Loboc River tour. I just wanted to make sure I got a room at the Chocolate Hills, which turned out not to be a problem. I took the bus (a crowded, very asian bus) for about an hour and a half until I reached the site.

They are beautiful, that's for sure. I watched the sun set over them, and got up early for a sunrise, and it was too cloudy so I went to bed for a few more hours.

Then I did something really impulsive. I loathe bus riding (no surprises there), so I hired a motorcycle taxi to take me back to Loboc. I was a little nervous climbing on, because I had no helmet and had like 15 pounds on my back (I had my backpack with me). It turned out to be sooo much faster than the bus though. I took a jeepney from Loboc back to Tagbilaran, and hired a tricycle to take me out to Alona Beach, where I am now.

The resort I'm staying at, I wasn't originally intending on staying. There was a such a huge language barrier between me and the tricycle driver, I just decided to stick it out. I'm paying more for a night here than I do for a whole month at more dorm.

BUT, the place is gorgeous, and the room is nice (hot water showers!) and the beach is fantastic. Never in my life did I imagine these places existed for real. I just thought all of the pictures were well edited.

I'm going to stick around the beach tomorrow and maybe do some snorkeling, and then I head back to Manila around 4pm.

I have really enjoyed this trip so far. It's not the most fun ever traveling alone, but I'm glad I've seen what I visited. I've pretty much decided to cancel my trip to Banaue though, because I do detest buses that much, and I don't want to do another trip by myself. I discussed it with Mom, and frankly, I just don't really want to go. It's much more relaxing to stay in Los Banos, and I only have a few weekends left. =D

Alright, enjoy the pictures!


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laura said...

those pictures are amazing! i love the chocolate hills. i hope your trip finished up well on monday! talk to you soon :D