Friday, February 22, 2008

Bohol: Day 2

Well, I didn't do QUITE as much as I had hoped to today, haha. I did a LOT of walking. It was sort of reminiscent to my day in San Francisco in August.

I don't know why, but I have an unexplainable aversion of public transportation. I despise buses, tolerate taxis, and avoid tricycles and jeepneys all together. I prefer to walk.

I crossed the bridge onto Punglao in search of the caves that I had read about. Supposedly only 6 km from Tagbilaran, which is less than 4 miles. Well, I'm convinced this is an imaginary cave. I never found it! :o)

It's really no big deal though, because really, the whole reason I came on this trip is for the Chocolate Hills and Alona Beach, which are coming Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Anything else I do on top of that is just bonus. So I got a pretty decent tour of the more residential areas of Punglao Island, haha. :oD

I had dinner at a nice restaraunt, and then because there's not much to do after dark, I saw Vantage Point at the mall. It was a pretty intense movie, but it kept rewinding (it's part of the movie, to play back parts), which sort of got irritating after a while. But it was very exciting. And now I'm here, in my room, and just about ready to go to bed. Check out the album given in my previous post for a few pictures from today's adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully the weather was nice while you were walking so far looking for the caves. Sorry you missed them! What is the temperature there?

I tried to get your new pics but didn't see them - maybe it takes awhile to load.

Have a restful night! Just