Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trip is confirmed!

Hey everyone! I completed my rescheduling of my flight for March 27 to Seattle. I think I will have to pay $50 in penalties, but it could be worse.

I also just bought my flight ($90) and reserved a hotel room for Bohol. I'll hopefully be staying at Isis Bungalows...I sent them an email trying to reserve a room. If it's full I'll have to look elsewhere. Looks like a nice place though, eh? Only $50/night! I'm going to look for something cheaper for the other 2 nights I'm there. I might even go stay in another city or another beach.

I'm leaving for Ilocos in a few hours. Hopefully I can sleep on the bus. :o\

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Wandering Wolverine said...

Yeah, I did know that you knew C.J. Lee, which is awesome.

But yeah, I have difficulty voting for someone who believes in man-made global warming, and I strongly oppose government conservation measures. I will conserve (it saves me money!), but I don't think that people should HAVE to, or that the government should make laws to encourage it. Actually, it's very important to me that a president would not only not pass environmental legislation, but hopefully get rid of some of the environmental regulation we already have.