Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Running away from ferocious dogs...

Hey! I went up to take a picture of the view today, but got chased by some of the mangiest, meanest looking beasts I have ever seen. I was legitimately afraid. I need to get a stick or something. I didn't see these ones last time I went up there. It's amazing how territorial dogs can be. Here's the album with a few pictures in that area (pre-evil dogs) and then down near IRRI. The sunset behind Mount Makiling is a good one. :o) (The newer pictures are at the bottom of the album).

Around Los Banos
I had a pretty decent day today. Busy, but good. I found out that I did much, MUCH better on my Plant Pathology exam than I thought, and that was a relief. I also discovered that I don't have a final in that class. YAY! I only have a potential final in Plant Physiology--one that I am working very hard not to take. All I need is a 60% in the lab and the lecture, and I should be able to pull that off. Although, this is the first time the lab has ever been harder than the lecture portion of the class. The lab for this class is totally ridiculous...it's INSANE. We have lab exams (bringing the grand total of exams for this 3 credit class to a whopping SEVEN EXAMS in one semester.), and I get scores like 6.9 and 6.65 on my labs. I don't get her grading scale at all.

Humph. :D I'll make it to 60%, I'm sure. I just have to study hard. Developing discipline was one of the goals of this trip for me, and I'd like to think it's going well. I have been running every day for the past week, and spending a lot of time studying. I put up some strict rules for myself and am forcing myself to abide by them. I'm not always happy about it now, but I'm sure I will be in the long run.

OK, that's enough for today. Have a good one! :oD

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Glad the Lab Exam was successful. Keep up the good work. Find a walking stick for your hikes. It can be used for actions other than hiking!