Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Wow, you'd think the election was next week the way that people are talking about politics these days. I have a bunch of friends who also have blogs, and 2 of them were about politics today.

Even filipinos, and other Asians at IRRI, seem to care about the election. Whenever I have a meal with someone in the cafeteria, they ask me about the debates or the electoral college, or how primaries work, etc. For some reason, they're interested.

It interesting because I think this is the most informed I'm going to be about an election in a long time. Even when I wasn't old enough to vote, I usually tried to at least figure out what the issues were and what the candidates represented. It's just a little weird this year because I'm NOT surrounded and bombarded with it like I would be in the US, and it's actually interesting to me to look into it myself.

I must admit, I'm enjoying finding things out about them this year, completely without the bashing commercials that I know are on TV right now. Of course, I get to look forward to all that when I get home. But I'm pretty sure I've already made up my mind on a candidate, so I can stop listening now, haha.

Thank you John for keeping me informed. I always feel like I get accurate information from you, because you're smart. If you want to read about politics and Michigan sports, check out his blog.


Wandering Wolverine said...

Haha, wow, thanks for the endorsement! I've been enjoying reading your blog, as well.

Wandering Wolverine said...

Oh, the are some loose definitions:

A social conservative wants stuff like banning gay marriage or abortion.

An economic conservative wants low spending, low taxes, less regulation, and less social programs (like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid).

A military/foreign policy conservative generally wants to keep a strong military and use military action as a possible option in international affairs. They generally support the idea of invading Iraq (if not the actual strategy used).