Sunday, January 6, 2008

Guess What I found!

I try to take an hour walk every day, on top of my running, to just enjoy the scenery around the campus, because it's so very different from anything we have at home--even what I've seen in Florida. Yesterday, I decided to take a different route. I turned right out of my dorm instead of left, and walked up the hill.

I haven't gone that way before because I was chased down by a couple of guard dogs in the dark last time I was up there, and it seriously FREAKED me out. So I went while it was light out this time, and turned left at the top of the hill instead of right.

WELL, let me tell you, this is the most beautiful area in Los Banos that I have seen yet. There are orchids hanging from the trees, and there's an AMAZING view of IRRI and the city. WHO KNEW? There's a lake! A big lake! I knew Laguna De Bay was out there somewhere, but I didn't realize it was like right on the other side of the supermarket! Plus, I could see past the mountains surrounding the town, and into the next valley.

I will definitely be bringing my camera up there next time I go, and I will post the pictures on here. It's gorgeous! Today is mostly cloudy, so there wouldn't be as great of a view--maybe tomorrow afternoon or something.

I have to be careful where I go over there, though, as well. I got chased down by some vicious dogs again. It must be required to own a mean animal to live on the hill. I'm careful though, I just try to act like they don't phase me, because they can sense fear. But they phase me, and inside my head I'm running for my life, haha.

Well, Have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryce! Glad to hear about your new discovery - sounds so beautiful - orchids hanging from trees? What color were they?

Isn't that life - one has to go through fear and turmoil to get to the beauty in life!

Next time - take a baseball bat or a taser gun! I think you may have the best solution though - ignore them.

You could pray, Dad is very sad and confused about Mom - it's been a challenge so far. I'm glad for the time I have with him though. Mom still is feeling pretty bad - she basically asked us to leave so she wouldn't have to talk.

Love you! Have a great week!

Just me...

Aryn Shillair said...

Sounds like a beautiful place! When I'd walk the hill in Woodinville at work I carried a stick because I got chased by a couple of dogs. And my cell phone. :) But it sounds like you can act braver than me.
It was good to talk to you last night.