Sunday, December 9, 2007

New post for a new week

Hey everyone! I have a Christmas Party to go to at my dorm, which should be interesting. It's supposed to have food from all over Asia, so I'll probably get to try a few new things. I will be staying away from any fried chicken though, haha.

I can't believe my trip to Washington is creeping up so fast! I'm leaving a week from Wednesday and staying overnight in Manila, because my flight leaves in the morning. With traffic out of Los Banos to Manila, there is no guarantee that I would make it on time. That will be an adventure as well, because I may be going by myself. Jed is flying down to Mindanao the same day, so he might go with me. I'd feel better NOT wandering around Manila by myself. Hopefully it works out. I mean, I suppose once I got there, I could just get a taxi to take me to the airport. I'm sure it will be fine though! :o)

I'm really excited about getting pizza with pasteurized cheese, and I wouldn't mind a slurpee or 2 either, no matter how cold it is. It will be great to spend Christmas with family!!! :D Have a great Sunday everyone!

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