Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm done for a while...

I just had my last class period for two weeks! I had an exam today, and I have no idea how I did. I'm hoping to keep above that 60% cutoff they have here. Anything higher than a 60% in a class means that I don't have to take any finals. It sounds low, but MSU curves most of their classes, so a 60% might be average. We'll see how it goes. =D

I bought a duffle bag today for 620 pesos at an army surplus-type store. I was happy, because thats like $15. I didn't want to have to lug my huge suitcase onto the bus, then into a taxi, and then to the airport. It's big enough that I can fit everything I need, but small enough to carry around.

It's crazy that I'm leaving tomorrow! It's going to be a great trip. I may update from the hotel tomorrow night, if I can get access.

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Aryn Shillair said...

We're praying for smooth, safe travels. :) See you Thursday morning!! (I think that the snow isn't going to happen so there shouldn't be any problems.)