Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bryce: 1 Cockroaches: 0

I just realized that I have been here a month, and have no yet said anything about the enormous and disgusting bugs that I have seen. This entry will be a real treat. =D

This is a picture of what tried to live in my room. But I won. My second night in the dorms, I came in after dinner and saw it, and was like "HECK NO." I grabbed the broom in one hand and a sandal in the other, and went to town on the thing. Then I shoved a couple of rugs under the door out onto my porch to eliminate any exposure to the outside. I haven't seen one since, but I fully expect her angry offspring to return, or something similar that you might see in one of those awful giant bug horror movies.

This, by far, was the worst, though. I hadn't noticed anything for almost 2 weeks. No big bugs, nothing to freak out about. But when I saw these, I FREAKED OUT. I can't help but look above me whenever I walk under anything, because I'm convinced that eventually one of these will land on my face. Heaven forbid.

These spiders are ALL OVER THE PLACE on the walk out to IRRI. They've spun webs between all of the power lines, and they're maybe the size of my hand, perhaps a little bit bigger. It was all I could do to get close enough to get a good picture. I hate these things. If I ever see one of these in my dorm room, I will be on the first plane out of Manila, because I don't know if I could kill one. It would leave goo all over the place!

Now, this is all a learning experience, and one I'm grateful for...but I have no desire to come into direct contact with any bug larger than my fingernails. God created them, yes, and therefore I'm sure someone can find them beautiful. I, however, cannot.

Hopefully you get a kick out of this, because I do...from a distance anyways. ;o)


Aryn Shillair said...

Yuck. That's what happens in tropical places...the bugs just keep growing! We have a lot of spiders here, but none quite that large!
It's funny you say that about the "angry offspring"...I think that every time I kill a spider! I look around waiting for the attack! :) I should never have watched Arachnaphobia!

Katie Wright said...

no kick...just the creeps!! YUCK!!