Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This is the day the Lord has made...

I start class today! I'm pretty excited about it. I really want to start the weekly routine here.

I'm posting some pictures of IRRI up here. It should give you some idea where I am working and what I am doing. I talked with Dr. Buresh yesterday, my supervisor, and I will be working on rice-corn crop rotations. They're trying to figure out a way to get a decent crop from corn following rice, because growing rice destroys the soil structure. I'll be working around IRRI campus, but also going out into farmers fields.

I played squash again last night with Jason, but also with a guy named Henry. He's British, but has grown up here in the Philippines because his parents work at IRRI. He just graduated from high school, but it gives me another person to play squash with. The squash court is in a gym with a bunch of badminton courts too, and watching the filipinos play is quite interesting. They're much better at it than I am. :0)

Well, continue to pray that I'll get adjusted. I am starting to feel more at home here, but there are still some difficulties for me. Thanks for your prayers so far! Have a great week!

Here's the pictures:


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Aryn Shillair said...

What a beautiful place you are in! Are you going to climb any of those mountains? :)
I've never seen a rice plant before...it looks like grass. Are you going to be working in the field or in a lab/office setting? I think that would be pretty interesting to work on.